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[ENG] Pressure Dub Sound is the connection between soundmen and musicians all over Italy. Its aim is to promote Dub music producing and pressing his own releases on the Bassline Records label and performing it with a powerfull Dub liveset (in the style of the UK pioneers Mad Professor and Zion Train).
The performance is an heavyweight Dub session enhanced by the conscious lyrics of MrDill Lion Warriah on the mic, The Bassliner on the bass guitar, D-Mass at the drums and percussions and GJ at the control tower with mixer and effects.

[ITA] Pressure Dub Sound nasce dalla connessione tra soundmen e musicisti da tutta Italia. Il progetto promuove la musica Dub attraverso la produzione e la stampa di tracce autoprodotte per la Bassline Records e attraverso un potente Dub liveset (ispirato ai  pionieri Mad Professor e Zion Train).
Lo show è una intensa Dub session arricchita dalle liriche conscious del singjay MrDill Lion Warriah, dalle linee di basso di The Bassliner, dalle percussioni di D-Mass e dal live dub mix di GJ.



MrDill Lion Warriah • Voice

‘ Reggae & Dub music is the thing I deal with since I was a youth, crossing places and meeting people all over the world, uplifting my heart and soul. I take back to the massive all the energy they gave to me in every session or live show. Through the years I’ve been honored to share the stage and the control tower with top selecta, producers and singers from Italy and Europe, giving thanx to everyone for all I’ve learned. Each one teach one. ‘

Education is the Key


Massi per sito  (1 di 1)

D-Mass • Percussions

‘ I get into the world of percussions in 1994, when for the first time I heard the sound of a djembe.Since then I’ve always been studying the different musical styles and infinite expressive possibilities of these instruments. Step by step I started collaborations with several reggae-dub bands, because that’s my favourite music, in which drums follow the heartbeat ‘

Every sound of the drum you hear is an African beat


The Bassliner • Bass

‘ Committed to bass since I was a kid and addicted to Dub since I ran into a tape of Sound Iration, Dub Liberation. It was very back in the days! About 1996 and I was on the way that leads from Punk to Reggae music. I play bass and double bass in different bands, so my life is all about bass. See you in front of the stage! ‘

No Bass , No Music


GJ • Dubmaster

‘ I started to be passionate about black music in my teens , and after years spent looking for the hardest breaks and the heaviest basslines, I felt in love with roots and dub music. Being a professional sound engineer since more than ten years, I’m completely involved in the producing process at Bassline Records, from the programming to the mix ‘

Working Class Sound Boy


Pressure Dub Sound [BRCD001] CD / Digital 2014

Pressure Dub Sound’s new album available on Itunes - Amazon - Juno - Bandcamp

The physical Cd (10€ + shipping) is available
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Pier Tosi - Militant Dub Area - KuminaBeat

Roots Fanatics – Sitting Bull [BR10-02] 10″ Vinyl – 2013

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Babilonia – I love Jah [BR10-01] 10″ Vinyl – 2012

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Pressure Dub Sound Tour


To book PDS in your town write to : booking[@]

09 AUG  Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Psychobydub Festival | [Rhone-Alpes - France]
02 AUG  Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Natural Roots Festival | [Otranto - Lecce]
07 JUN
Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Nuvolari Festival | [Cuneo]
01 MAY
  Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Giorni Irreali | [Torino]
05 APR  
Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Isola Condorito | [Margarita - Cuneo]
22 MAR  
Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Circolo Arci Mezcal | [Savigliano - Cuneo]


15 NOV  Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] + YT (Uk) | [Hiroshima Mon Amour - Torino]
20 SEP   
Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Bangarang #2 | [Bunker - Torino]
14 AGO  Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Jamming Festival |  [Casalbore - Avellino]
16 MAR Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] + Zion Train | GabrioinDub#2 | [Csoa Gabrio - Torino]
11 JAN   Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] + Echotronix Sound System | [Hiroshima Mon Amour  - Torino]


26 AGO Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] | Castello Reggae | [Alvito - Frosinone]
24 AGO Pressure Dub Sound [Full live set] + Blackstarline Sound System | [Parco dei Guerrieri - Vaste / Lecce]
14 JUL  Pressure Dub Sound  [Full live set] | Nowara One Love Festival | [Big Lebowski - Novara]
29 JUN Pressure Dub Sound  [Full live set] + Mountain Top Sound System | [Csa Murazzi - Torino]
27 APR Pressure Dub Sound  [Full live set] + Dub Sync | [Csoa Gabrio - Torino]
1 MAR Pressure Dub Sound  [Full live set] | [Fluido - Torino]


01 SEP Pressure Dub Sound  [Full live set] | [Imbarchino - Torino]
18 FEB Pressure Dub Sound  [Full live set] opening ASWAD | [Chacharum - Candiolo / Torino]


18JUN Pressure Dub Sound  warm up for Alpha Blondy  | [Candiolo - Torino]


12DEC Pressure Dub Sound  + Dub Pistols  | [Hiroshima Mon Amour - Torino]





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